Thursday, October 29, 2009

Julie & Julia (and me)

Way back in August I went to see Julie & Julia, I loved it – of course. Paris looked beautiful, both Meryl and Amy were great, and the parallel stories of women discovering unknown parts of themselves during their early to mid-30’s really hit close to home. The food looked amazing and of course there was the butter factor.

The butter factor you ask, I’ll explain. I love real butter, there’s just something magical about the way butter smells when it melts and the taste. How much do I love butter – well I once got into a disagreement with a guy I liked about which is better and better for you butter or margarine (he was of course pro-margarine, which should have been a clue as to how things would end). I can also smell butter through movie and tv screens (don’t judge me). So naturally, while I was watching Julie & Julia there was butter, just about everywhere and all I wanted was a warm baguette and some butter, which I didn’t end up with – but I digress.

Fast forward a month later, I’m home on a Saturday, just hanging out, flipping channels when I come upon classic Julia on my local PBS making Omelets with you guessed it butter, and I can’t resist. In spite of the fact that I don’t like eggs, I find myself in front of the stove chopping scallions while a pat of butter melts and 2 eggs and a dash of milk wait to get poured into my favorite non-stick pan.

Now I’ll never know if it was Julia, the butter or side of fries I had with it, but I can solidly say I’m now, at least in part, an egg convert, but I’ll thank Julia anyway because eggs never looked more tempting than when I saw Julia drop butter into a pan and talk about throwing an omelet party. Thanks Julia!

I’m still working on reading the book, but look forward to purchasing Julie & Julia on DVD on December 8th.

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