Monday, January 18, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner on a “Blue Monday”

So today was sort of made of suck. My work computer felt like it was moving at the speed of sludge, which frustrated me to the point of cursing out loud in my office (F-bombs were dropped) and I closer to losing my temper than I’ve been in a long while. Yes I knew I was being completely irrational and that I was the source of my own frustration; and that really my “problem” was not a problem at all – but still I was frustrated, logic doesn’t tend to make me feel better. Also not helping is the fact that it’s the dead of winter. I’m not a fan of cold weather, to be frank – I’m so done with winter (20+ inches of snow and a flooded road will do that to you). Which brings me to my point, days like today call for breakfast for dinner.

Breakfast for dinner is different than other comfort food meals, at least for me.
Like most comfort food it makes you feel good and happy, but instead of a simple warm and cozy feeling I get what I can only describe as the feeling you get for a “don’t let go yet hug,” I guess safe is the best word for it. And sometimes you just need to feel safe.

Side note: In general, pancakes and sausage is go to meal, but no time for that today. Today called for quick and dirty – so bacon and eggs it was. I won’t insult you with a how-to on making bacon and eggs, everyone likes their eggs the way the like them (I prefer to not know the egg is there).

More comfort food recipes to follow later this week (hopefully).

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