Saturday, March 27, 2010

Food Revolution

Between Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and the First Lady's Let's Move campaign, there's been a lot of talk about changing the way we eat. And more importantly changing the way we feed our kids, and it's about time.

When I was a kid, my school lunches weren't horrible, but they weren't perpendicularly healthy either: triple decker pb & j, chicken patties and ketchup considered as vegetable (seriously). It's not like I wouldn't have chosen fries over broccoli, as a matter of fact I did. Just about every high school lunch that I purchased was fries, yogurt and chocolate milk - real healthy huh; but in my defense the broccoli was so overcooked that it didn't look remotely appetizing, who really wants to eat a yellowish-green veggie.

I'm also going to confess that the little people in my life prefer junk to the good stuff, but I'm trying to be a better example to them along with the other adults in their life. First steps: signing the Food Revolution petition and committing to move more.

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