Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just give me the cookies and no one gets hurt

I don't remember ever having mallomars as a kid. I had moon pies but not mallomars, and this is probably a good thing because it just took me 3 days to eat a box of them by myself (don't judge me - I'm having a stressful month). Since I tried them this fall I'm having difficulty walking away. I almost jumped up and down with glee in the grocery store the other day because they were still on the shelf.
I'm sort of justifying eating the cookies by the fact that they are covered in dark chocolate - a super food.
This is so not a good thing, since the box is now gone I'm going to have to go cold turkey.
It's the only way.

Of course I just put in my order for Girl Scout Cookies, so ...

On my honor I will try to serve God, my County and buy Girl Scout Cookies until I die.
Just kidding, I was a Girl Scout so I like to support them.

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