Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yay Protein & my New Year's Challenge

Happy New Year!

So I've eaten pretty much nothing the first week of the new year, I had a wicked flu and just couldn't muster up the energy to cook anything more than Ramen. Actually even the Ramen was a stretch it was basically carrots, hummus,saltines and tea all week. I lost 5 pounds, but seriously I was a pitiful site. But I've had some protein and am really and truly (finally) on the mend.

I also haven't given much thought to resolutions this year (thanks flu!), however I have one: learn to cook some of the things that intimidate me, particularly French food. Yes, I have deep affection for Julia but French food just seems scary and complicated. I think I'll start out very simple; one of my favorite new cooking shows is French Food at Home on Cooking Channel. According to World Cat I should be able to find her cookbook for this series at my local library. So we shall see how this goes, I'm just hoping that it doesn't end in tears.

And speaking of Julia think about checking out biography As Always, Julia.

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