Sunday, May 22, 2011

When bad food happens to good eaters

I’ve made it a general rule not to name names on this blog when I have a bad meal or bad service somewhere, and I’m going to stick to that rule, but I had such bad service and really bad food at a restaurant/bar earlier this week that I have to say something - without actually mentioning the restaurant.

I walked into the restaurant/bar oh a whim, I’d heard that the food was fairly good so I figured why not? I stood at the front for about a minute or two before someone came over to ask if I need help (the waitress that finally came over to help me, actually saw me when I walked in and put her head back down before a fellow waitress told her to come over). After the waitress finally came over to see what kind of assistance I needed, I had to explain twice that I wanted to place an order for take out, she found a take out menu and immediately asked if I knew what I wanted to order (I hadn’t even looked at the menu yet). Luckily I knew that I wanted hot wings and fries, so I placed my order and waited (standing up at the entrance, since I wasn’t offered a to take a seat at the bar or at any of the available tables.) Shortly after my order was taken she brought over the check, I paid (no tip for the bad service) and got my food.

If it had been remotely good, I might not be here writing this, but it wasn’t. The wings were not seasoned evenly, some pieces were hotter than others, and none of them were fried well enough for my tastes. And the fries, were unseasoned, soggy and burnt (how this happened I have no idea.) Now in the interest of full disclosure on the day in question, I had a really bad headache so I was probably poised to have any small thing irk my nerves. Never the less, I still received really bad service and the food, which cost too much for the quality level of the product, was not great.

I’m fairly sure I won’t be going back to this local chain and if I do, I’ll be sure not to get the wings or the fries.

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