Monday, September 30, 2013

SNAP Challenge

I'm doing the SNAP challenge next week and I have to be honest, I'M really nervous.

I keep over thinking. Should I use coupons? Go to the discount grocery store and bulk produce store? Would someone with a limited budget even have these thoughts? Then there's the whole issue of sticking to the $31.50 budget for the week.

I seriously need to get over myself. Anyway my challenge starts next week, I'll keep you posted.


Jennifer said...

What's Snap challenge?

theyummylibrarian said...

In essence it's a challenge to get by on a food budget of only $1.50 per meal or $31.50 for a week. This is the average amount that an individual that receives supplemental food assistance gets.
For better or more information check out the Feeding America website:

Jennifer said...

Ah, interesting. My mom fed a family of seven on about 600 a month back in the day, but food prices were different then of course. When I was in college, back about 6 years, I usually got by on about $25 a week, sometimes a little less. One of the things that's hard is you can't often get enough money to buy bulk, or when something's on sale. I ate a lot of lentils and rice.

theyummylibrarian said...

Kudos to your mom!
One of the gifts my mom gave me was the ablity to look at my groceries in terms of how many meals I can get out of my purchaces.

Ultimately, I think I'll have to fo that (and eat a lot of beans and rice based dishes).


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