Monday, November 25, 2013

A couple of confessions

It's been a long time, sorry about that.  Once again work got very hectic - they don't teach you that in library school.  They especially don't mention it before you become a manager.  In spite of the chaos, life is good - and I hope to get back into a regular blogging schedule.

So here's a quick update to my cooking world:

1.  SNAP  Challenge:  technically i totally failed.  I went over budget for the week I shopped and did the challenge.  HOWEVER, just about everything I purchased was also used the following week or frozen for future use - - so a wash, maybe?

2. Lost post:  my awesome mom wrote a post of  book to movie suggestions, and I lost it.  I still have the suggestions which I'll give you next, but I lost her full post (sorry Mom).

My mom is a major reader, she reads everything and, unlike me, she stays committed to the end - no matter how bad the book.  She's also an avid movie watcher and amateur critic.  These are 3 of her suggestions for anyone that's looking for a good movie based on a book.  They are older titles so you may have to get them from the library:

Small Island: by Andrea Levy
 The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency: by Alexander McCall Smith
Having Our Say The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years: by Sarah L. Delany; A Elizabeth Delany and Amy Hill Hearth
That's all I'm confessing for now.  Thanks for sticking with this blog, sporadic as posts have been.

Thanksgiving Cooking Survival Guide … from VyneWorld

Thanksgiving Cooking Survival Guide … from VyneWorld


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