Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Great Christmas Baking mini-meltdown of 2013


I have just managed to work my way through a baking meltdown. I volunteered to make our Christmas dessert (7up Pound Cake), piece of cake mom - I got this. Oh the arrogance of this humble blogger.

sidebar: have I mentioned that I'm not a natural baker before? That I require concentration to bake? I digress

So recipe in hand and full of concentration I began creaming my butter and sugar. And I got a lump, yes a huge lump of butter and organic sugar. Apparently someone (me) should have checked to see if there were any differences to expect when baking with sugar that's not tiny crystals. After much cursing (my grandparents would be so proud) and praying, I think the cake will turn out okay. I'll post a picture, if all turns out well. If not, I'll be off to any store that's still open to bake again (with tears as a special ingredient).

There shall be no tear filled cake this Christmas!


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