Thursday, September 11, 2014


At last Fall is back, I am so not a hot weather girl.  Now is the perfect time to hit the beach (no tourists), start planning for soups and stews, and just generally feeling cozy.

I wish I could say my library is quieter with kids back in school, it's not, I'm now full of adults and older teens that are in college - and a few people running their businesses from the library.  I miss the daily hubbub of teen volunteers, kids getting summer reading assignments and just hanging, but as anyone that works in a public library knows each season has it's own rhythm.  

Anyway,  I just wanted to remind everyone that now's a really, really good time to think about Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign.  While it's nice to donate if you can, you can also contribute to the fight to end childhood hunger (something that's totally preventable) by educating yourself and other.  And if you're going out to eat try checking the No Kid Hungry site to see which restaurants are participating in Do Good. Dine Out.

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